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WeSense is an environmental perception project led by the Urban Landscape Architecture Research Group at Delft University of Technology.

The goal is to generate insights on people’s perception of urban environments and what effects these surroundings have on them, using a mobile app.

The pilot stage of the project is run in Amsterdam, as part of the AMS (Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions) initiative.

Who is behind this?

Who is involved?

  • Landscape Architecture TU Delft
  • René van der Velde (Project Leader)
  • Alexandra Tisma (Lead Researcher)
  • Rick Fransman (Researcher)
  • Michiel Pouderoijen (Researcher)


  • DIMI (Delft Infrastructures & Mobility Initiative)
  • AMS Institute (Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions)
  • PSYT (Psychological Technologies) — George MacKerron, Richard Pomfret, Silke Rupprecht & Nicholas Begley
  • Municipality of Amsterdam — Rigina Christiaans, Jos Gadet & Klaas-Bindert de Haan

Advisory board

  • Dirk Sijmons, H+N+S Landscape Architects
  • Alessandro Bozzon, Web Information Systems group, TU Delft
  • Henk Staats, Department of Social and Organizational Psychology, Leiden University
  • Tom Demeyer, Waag Society, Amsterdam